Awake IsImud. Arise, greet and counsel.
EA has Awoken.

As Enki, rearisen, Stirred by the Warrior, descends from IshIku again, awoken.

Hidden in Wells of Time, no more.
Abide every, deep and high. EA take a new moniker, a new shell!
Between the stars and the fish, His Akpallu are numerous.

IN the Belly of Naammah, Nammu, Chaos must be cleansed.
Pale Shadows of You,
whose splendor stupifying seeing only the stars,
whose earthly twin splendid in Ichor.
The Abyss a pale Chasm,
between truly has nothing at the bottom,
and by nothing they receive
the Shadow filled with Kaliedoscope lights.
Calypso’s magic Manifested.

Arise EA hidden in man! Nammu, support his Akpallu!
IsImud, Counsel, keep the stepping stones through ages.

The first veil, I am more than the physical. I am the world.

How small that world may be, Toddler learning to crawl.

The Veil of God, to loose ones ego, assimilate His.
And to fall within this edifice, that Abyss,
What is hidden even from Him.
Worrisome traveler swimming,
Expanding then recoiling,
Feeding and Moving,
Him and Leviathon!

Break free warrior of Love and Life,
Liberty is at hand. Light that Blinded you was small.
Light that is, Make Brilliant your Soul.
Step Free from imprisoning step parents.
That Veil, That Threshold,
Even Gods cannot restrain you.
This veil you wear,
not from the universe,
but the profane.

Reach out through Time,
Reach out through Space,
Embrace All, Be All,
And in this shell,
Be the Focus
The Fulcrum
The Absu


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